Monday, April 22, 2019

3D laser scanning in North NJ

Are you looking for 3D laser scanning in North NJ? Omland & Osterkorn, Inc. has been providing 3D laser scanning in North NJ to receive accurate data for buildings, land zones, surveying structures and site information. Our engineers use 3D laser scanning data to help them plan and develop with more accuracy.

What exactly is 3D Laser Scanning?
3D Laser Scanning is a non-contact, non-destructive imaging that digitally captures the shape of objects using a line from a laser beam. By using laser light (LIDAR technology), 3D Laser Scanning captures spatial data which collects the position, shape, and spatial locations of objects. This data is recorded by millions of points, each with an X,Y,Z coordinate, causing the creation what is known in the industry as a "point cloud". The LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology that 3D Laser Scanning uses emits a laser light at an object and analyzes the returns by calculating the time of flight of the beam.

Since the level of detail captured by 3D Laser Scanning is very high, this data gives point coordinates down to millimeter of point spacing, while most topographical surveys collected with GPS and conventional surveying usually give a single point with an XYZ coordinate anywhere from 10-50 feet apart.
3D Laser Scanning is a vital part of the way we gather information on the engineering projects we perform. Our firm has used 3D laser scanning technology to collect accurate measurements to improve highway and road design, to achieve accurate surveys of buildings, industrial plants, bridges and other structures that need detailed information and measurements.

Our use of 3D laser scanning has made collecting data much safer than having our engineer and surveyors producing the necessary data because of some situations might be risky to take accurate measures. By using 3D laser scanning we have surveyed busy street intersections, gathered data on leaning structures and monitored erosion and other imperils that could harm someone who tries to collect information after a natural disaster had occurred in that area.

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Monday, March 25, 2019

Engineers in Bergen County, NJ

Are you looking for engineers in Bergen County, NJ? Omland & Osterkorn are certified engineers in Bergen County, NJ with more than two decades of combined experience in structural, mechanical, electrical, construction or other engineering fields of building design and construction. Our firm has work with other engineers and architects for the designing and construction of buildings located in North NJ.

Starting an Engineering Project in Bergen County, NJ
Since structural engineering is a branch of civil engineering, which applications range from a wide variety construction, the foundation for new deployment are important in engineering in Bergen County, NJ. There are many factors we consider when we start planning for designing structures such as buildings, bridges, tunnels, and other developments. Once the design-builder designs a building layout, this is then our firm’s responsibility to determine many factors the building must face, primarily weather patterns during the year (such as snow, wind and heavy rainfall). When we have gathered all this information and data and we will apply this information and decide on what structural systems to use for new buildings and developments located in in Bergen County, NJ. These structural systems include they layout of drainage that consists of steel, concrete, masonry, wood and other materials from which the engineer selects beams, columns, and other materials that make up the building support system. By having this experience and knowledge, our firm will provide a strong platform for the engineering projects that we provide in Bergen County, NJ

Omland & Osterkorn engineers are up to date on the latest engineering technologies including the use of advanced computer operations like Auto CAD Civil 3D, Autodesk HydraFlow and HEC-RAS hydraulic analysis. Our firm is environmentally conscious, and our designs reduce negative environmental impacts through sustainable engineering practices and technologies. Additionally, we are well versed in the use of both manual and robotic survey equipment to ensure more accurate measurements in our property surveys, which lead to great precision in our site plans.

For more information on the engineering services we provide in New Jersey, please contact our office at 973-647-7820.

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Friday, March 22, 2019

GPS Surveyors in North NJ

Why Hire Professional GPS Surveyors for Your Next Project

Are you looking for GPS Surveyors in North NJ?  By using GPS (Global Positioning System) surveying methods, Omland & Osterkorn will provide a secure and faster way to measure any type of landmass and receive an accurate property line. By using GPS receivers, we will locate the coordinates and measurements of the distance by using the radio signals' traveling time.

Omland & Osterkorn has improved their surveying projects by using GPS to measure and survey land.  This technology has improved the way we accurately configure boundary lines, elevation of land and will reduce the visits to the land in question.  

The GPS equipment is also faster when compared with conventional surveying equipment because the data collection process is faster which speeds up the measurement of land results which helps the building or excavation process start earlier than before.

In the past, our surveyors had to make several visits to one site to gather measurements while surveying land. With GPS surveying equipment, this is no longer necessary. GPS surveying reduces equipment and labor costs that was once needed for completion of a surveying task. A single surveyor can now complete all the measuring tasks instead of a team as in previous years.

Since GPS is not affected by hard weather conditions, we can receive accurate surveying data of a land and boundaries during the worse conditions like wind storms, heavy snow, torrential rain and high or low temperatures. By using GPS surveying in all weather conditions our engineers can accurately  record the necessary data instantly.

For more information about our GPS Surveyors in North NJ, speak to one of our surveyors at 973-647-7820.
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3D laser scanning in North NJ

Are you looking for 3D  laser scanning in North NJ ? Omland & Osterkorn, Inc. has been providing 3D laser scanning in North NJ to rec...