Thursday, August 17, 2017

Site Plans in Bergen County NJ

Why Should You Hire a Professional Civil Engineer for Site Plans in Bergen County NJ?

What is a Site Plan?

In simple words, as site plan is a drawing on a large scale that allows you to view the entire site for a proposed or existing development program. A site plan is drawn up after the site has been properly investigated, and a site survey has been conducted.

Why Do You Need a Site Plan?

● Property Lines - one of the basic things a professional site plan will include is property lines. As this helps you in setting up a proper design. This helps in making sure that the vision you have for your property doesn't cause any entanglements with your neighbors., and sits perfectly in place. 

● Proposed and Existing Conditions - you will need a complete professional site plan to help show the city officials what you plan on doing, and how you plan to design the space. Omland & Osterkorn will help to ensure that there are no issues with the city once you start building.

 Distance - a site plan will allow you and others to see the distance between your property and other properties, along with the distance between the buildings. 

 Parking - is a main concern when it comes to building, as it will not matter if it is a commercial setting or a personal one, you will need to allot parking space. 

 Driveway - the local government has laid down a number of codes when it comes to driveways, and these codes need to be met. With the help of the site plan, Omland & Osterkorn will be able to show you how they are going to maintain those codes.

 Surrounding - with the helps of a site plan you will be able to show the surrounding roads. This will help you and others see the impact you might have on the traffic load and how it will impact your neighbors.

●  Ground Signs - this will display the signs that exist on the roads around your property. It will help you tell and explain how the traffic will flow, especially when you are planning a commercial site.

     Landscape - is a highly important aspect of a site plan, as it is related to our ecosystem. You simply cannot cut down trees, and terminate green areas, which is why showing a landscape area in your site plan will show that you are being environmentally responsible. As an added bonus, a beautiful landscape adds visual appeal to your site.

Site Plans in Bergen County NJ 
   Emergency Preparedness - to keep up with local government codes, you need to show the necessary emergency exits on the site. It might not be necessary for a remodeling, but they are required for a new building. 

These are some of the many reasons you need to hire a civil engineer to help you lay down the perfect site plan, so you can meet your project's goals, get your project approved by the city, and start building. With the help of a site plan you will be able to highlight issues, and fix them before they arise. 

To learn more about site plans in Bergen County NJ, contact Omland & Osterkorn at (201)899-3413.

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