Friday, March 31, 2017

Engineering Firm in Bergen County, NJ

Every construction project begins with the engineers. Whether you are planning houses, office buildings, parks, roadways or stadiums, engineers are the ones who start the process. They survey the land to determine what can be done with it and then they draw up the site plans that show how that land will be used. Before the architects, before the contractors, before the landscapers, it’s the engineers who do the indispensable work that makes everything possible.

Bergen County, NJ is an exciting place to start a project with its huge potential for businesses and its high quality of life for residents. To make the most of that potential, you will need an engineering firm in Bergen County, NJ that is efficient, precise and understands the ins and outs of the various communities’ rules and regulations.

While many of us think of land as flat and manageable, the reality is much more complex. Small changes in elevation can mean the difference between an area being safe or a flood hazard. Ecological impacts must be considered. The boundaries of a property can impact the scope of project in ways that can be difficult to foresee. Flood damage is an increasing concern and communities are obligated to have elevation certificates for all new construction.

Every aspect of construction requires an engineering plan to make possible. Architects, landscapers and contractors depend on site plans to do their jobs right. If you are planning a building complex, you will need an engineer to help you figure out where to put the parking to best connect you to the road, offer the most space for vehicles and still allow room for landscaping and reduce negative environmental impacts. If you are installing a swimming pool, you will need a pool grading plan to make sure that it will be built safely so that it won’t leak into the surrounding ground or cause erosion.

Omland & Osterkorn is an Engineering Firm in Bergen County NJ that has the skills to make the plans for your project a reality. They do the hard work of topographic surveys, boundary surveys and title surveys to help you understand a parcel of land, then they create the site plans that lay out how to put that land to use. Their work is consistently precise, on-schedule and on-budget.

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