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Elevation Certificate in Bergen County

Are you looking for land surveys in Bergen County NJ? Omland & Osterkorn provides our clients with a large variety of land surveys in Bergen County NJ.

Elevation Certificate in Bergen County

When constructing a house, the biggest consideration you need to consider is the risk of flood.

According to FEMA, floods are one of the most common hazards in the US. Statistics from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) even cite a 1 In 4 chance of homes built in high-risk flood zones being the most common properties at risk of flood.

Fortunately for property owners in Bergen County, New Jersey, evading these high flood risks before erecting their structure is possible through an elevation certificate.

What is an Elevation Certificate?

An elevation certificate is a document issued by the National Flood Insurance Program (NIFP) after assessing your property’s susceptibility to flooding risk. This certificate will identify the most important features of your Bergen property, from its location to its flood zone, elevation at the lowest floor point, and other building characteristics necessary to determine your property’s risk of flood.

Why are Flood Elevation Certificates Necessary in Bergen County, New Jersey?

In recent years, flooding has been a common challenge for many US states, leaving property owners with severe damages and costly maintenance. For this reason, engineering firms will always encourage property owners to safeguard their investments by getting an elevation certificate. How does this work?

Ignorance of property’s flood zone is one of the leading causes of water damage from flooding. Luckily, an elevation certificate provides property owners with the awareness and information they need about the possible risks of flood on their property and how to mitigate them. That’s not all!

Elevation certificates also make getting flood insurance for your property easy. The certificate will help insurance companies determine a proper insurance rate that successfully covers damages that may arise when your property is threatened with flood risks.

How Do You Get a Flood Elevation Certificate in Bergen County?

Many homes already have an elevation certificate on file. The best way to know if the property you want to purchase has an elevation certificate is to ask the seller or property manager if they have it.

Then again, if you just bought a new property without an elevation certificate after a land survey, the right move is to get a new one from a professional engineering firm with expert land surveyors on their team.

Most people try to obtain an elevation certificate on their own, but a drawback to this is that it can be costly and time-consuming.

Professional engineering firms in Bergen County, like Omland & Osterkorn, will evaluate your property and provide a flood elevation certificate that helps you protect your home the right way. 

For more information about land surveys in Bergen County NJ, speak to one of our surveyors at 973-647-7820.

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Land Surveys in Bergen County NJ

Are you looking for property surveyors in Bergen County NJ? Omland & Osterkorn is an engineering and surveying firm staffed by expert title surveyors, boundary surveyors, topographic surveyors and property surveyors in Bergen County NJ.

Land Surveys in Bergen County NJ

Real estate is a booming industry in Bergen County, New Jersey. It means that purchasing land will be a significant and profitable investment.

Then again, what happens when you buy land without knowing your property boundaries? It means you may get a lawsuit in the near future from your neighbors, especially when you erect a structure further than your boundary lines permit. Fortunately, land surveys take care of this challenge.  

If you are thinking of buying a property in Bergen County, here’s all you need to know about land surveys in New Jersey.

What Do Land Surveys in Bergen County Look Like?

A land survey often comes in form of a map. This map will show you the location of the purchased piece of land, its size, boundary lines, and possible improvements needed to make the property construction-worthy.

Who Does Land Survey in Bergen County?

In New Jersey, land surveys are mostly done by an engineering firm with trained surveyors on their team. Without these engineering surveyors, locating the land boundaries described on the deed of the land will be difficult. Land surveyors also examine and record the surrounding features around the property to get a better description of what to expect. Then, they prepare the land survey report as a map and attach it to your deed.

How Much Do Land Surveys Cost in Bergen County?

The cost of land surveys varies depending on the lot size you purchase and the boundary markers needed to show property lines. Technically, the larger the lot size, the more boundary markers you need. However, if you buy more acres, the chances for land survey rates per acre to decrease are high.

Still, a land survey will cost between $200 and $1000.

Why is Land Survey Important in Bergen County?

Land survey reports are extremely important when purchasing a new property in Bergen County, New Jersey, for various reasons, the most important being to know your property boundaries. Besides this, the survey map will also tell you if the property has easements, potential encroachments on the property, and setbacks that may hinder you when you intend to start construction.

With this information, a land survey will help you avoid boundary disputes while providing information on how best to improve your property, from the driveways to fences and dwellings that encroach over property lines. The land survey report also helps you avoid scamming real estate agencies. It helps you know the limits of the land and any conflicts in your deed.

Your Next Thought: Get a Land Survey for Your Property

You know how much money you will spend on buying land. So, you need to protect your investment. By getting a land survey for your property in Bergen County, New Jersey, you will be taking safety measures to protect your investment.

Do you want a land survey report for your Bergen County, New Jersey home? Omland & Osterkorn are professional land surveyors that can help you protect your investment. 

To schedule an appointment with property surveyors in Bergen County NJ, call 973-647-7820.

Omland & Osterkorn – Your Trusted property surveyors in Bergen County NJ.

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Engineers in Bergen County NJ

Omland & Osterkorn are certified engineers in Bergen County NJ with more than two decades of combined experience.

Engineers in Bergen County NJ

Building a home is an excellent investment in the long run for your financial portfolio. But, without an engineer, you might just be giving way to possible mishaps like collapsed buildings due to poorly tested soil and land assessment negligence.

Engineers help with the designs and plans that ensure your commercial or residential building stays safe and timeless. But, that’s not the only reason you want to engage an engineer for your next industrial, commercial or residential construction project.  

Reasons to Hire an Engineer

Engineers play significant roles in the construction process, but the most significant is they ensure your property and buildings comply with state laws while ensuring a safe place to live. However, some other reasons homeowners need to require an engineer include:

1.    Engineers Work with Licensed Land Surveyors, Developers, and Architects

You can't erect a building without surveying your property boundary and land development needs or even having a good plan for your structure. Engineers work with licensed land surveyors, land developers, and architects to offer top-notch experience during your project.  

2.    They Help Prevent Future Structural Damage

Most homeowners today won’t always get their dream home because they purchased a completely erected building. Still, they're happy they can easily make quick alterations to the building’s structure. However, a drawback to this is that the structure may crack, creek, and collapse over time.

If you plan to remodel an old building, engineers help you know if the foundation can still hold the structure or if the structure requires immediate repairs.

3.    You Can Avoid Possible Flood Risks

Where you erect your building matters, but most homeowners don't consider this fact and instead erect their buildings close to a flood zone. What this simply means is that in a case where a flood occurs, your property won't survive the flood.

Engineers provide you with a flood elevation certificate to help lower flood risk on your property. This flood elevation certificate shows the building’s flood zone and elevation levels, making it easy for homeowners to get proper insurance for their property.  

4.    Engineers Provide a Sketch Plan that Uncomplicates the Construction Process

In the US, every state has its building codes they abide by when constructing commercial, industrial or residential property. However, most homeowners and developers won’t know this and design their buildings without considering the state's building codes.

Engineers are well vast in the building code of each state. So, they make construction straightforward without going against state codes by interpreting them to create buildable designs, in the form of plans for contractors and architects to use when planning the building’s structure.

Need a professional engineer to help with your Bergen County home in New Jersey? Omland & Osterkorn are professional engineers in New Jersey with over 10 years of experience helping industrial, commercial, and residential property owners build and maintain their properties. 

For more information on the engineering services we provide in New Jersey, please contact our office at 973-647-7820.

Omland & Osterkorn – Your Trusted Engineers Bergen County NJ.

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Engineering Firm in Bergen County, NJ

Are you looking for an engineering firm in Bergen County, NJ? With over 20 years of combined experience, Omland & Osterkorn is an innovative and accomplished engineering firm in Bergen County, NJ.

Engineering Firm in Bergen County, NJ

Remodeling an existing building or constructing a new one is not an easy task. You’ll have to consider the property boundaries, stormwater management, and how best to guard your building from possible flood and soil erosion.

August 10, 1884, marked the last devastating earthquake in New Jersey, but that doesn’t mean the city is less prone to natural disasters. In fact, an article by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Water Supply and Geoscience reveals that structures have collapsed in New Jersey without earthquakes due to negligence of building and housing codes.

Fortunately, hiring an engineering firm will make it easy to avoid these challenges.

What Do Engineering Firms Do?

Technically, the specialization of engineering services varies depending on the project scope.

For a construction engineering firm, you can expect to find an in-house specialist in civil and structural engineering. These experts provide multidisciplinary consulting related to housing design simulation, evaluation, investigation, and survey required to safely construct a building or survey a property.

An engineering firm also offers varying services including:

1.    Land surveying services

These services help new and old property owners define their property boundaries when erecting a building. Land surveying services will also typically revolve around title surveys, topographic surveys, boundary surveys, ALTA/ACSM title surveys, and plat surveys.

Land survey services can also help property owners know the existing condition of their land while providing them with a flood elevation certificate.

2.    Pool grading plan

Who doesn’t love the focal point a beautiful swimming pool offers on their property? No one. An engineering firm can help homeowners hoping to construct a pool for their backyard, athletic facility, or resort craft a pool grading plan that enables them to build a pool that meets their taste and land layout. 

When crafting pool grading plans, engineering firms ensure the site meets local legal standards so that the pool doesn't run the risk of runoff and soil erosion.

3.    Site plan

Besides pool grading plans and land survey services, engineering firms also work with architects and developers to plan construction details about a property, from how to properly utilize land survey findings like the topography survey for stormwater management to deciding where to place parking and sidewalks. These services ensure that a site is environmentally sustainable for the foreseeable future. 

Site planning services will typically revolve around plans like site Analysis and Concept Planning, due diligence studies, landscape design, lighting design, water system design, septic design, sewer design, and earthwork analysis.

Engage a Reliable Engineering Firm for Your Construction Projects

An advantage of engaging the services of an engineering company is that they use the latest engineering technologies for your projects and create designs that will reduce negative environmental impacts through sustainable engineering practices. Omland & Osterkorn engineers are a reliable engineering firm in Bergen county  New Jersey with extensive experience in engineering services.

For more information about our engineering firm in Bergen County, NJ, speak to one of our engineers at 973-647-7820.

Omland & Osterkorn – Your Trusted engineering firm in Bergen County, NJ.

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Boundary Surveys in Bergen County NJ

Do you need to conduct a property survey in Bergen County NJ? Omland & Osterkorn provides a large variety of Property Survey services for clients in Bergen County NJ.

Boundary Surveys in Bergen County NJ

Boundary disputes are among the most common issues land and homeowners experience in the United States. In fact, in the US today, almost all boundary disputes occur due to unclear lines of where one property starts and the other ends.

While it's no fault of landowners, it is easy to understand why homeowners feel frustrated when they open their Land Registry Title Plans but can't find any section stating the clear boundaries of their land.

When you decide to buy a house or start an infrastructure project, a boundary survey will help you decide on your boundary lines to avoid disputes.

What Does a Boundary Survey Involve?

Depending on the size of your land or property, boundary surveys take a while to complete since measuring property lines is no easy task.

Unlike most land surveys like topographic surveys, which typically involve field design, boundary survey only focuses on your property line.

Boundary Surveys involve measuring your property lines and crosschecking them with historical records to ensure the measurement gotten is accurate.

When Do You Need a Boundary Survey?

Technically, people always request a boundary survey when they buy a property to have initial knowledge of their property lines before starting any infrastructure projects. However, the fact is that with time property lines become blurred, especially when you fail to do a fence installation around your property. Yet, that doesn't mean you should up and request boundary surveys without any good reason.

Some good instances where you need to get boundary surveys for your property include:

·         Applying for a Mortgage

You’re asking for a loan. Hence, you need something valuable to mortgage in return for the loan. A boundary survey will give mortgage lenders a good idea of your property limits so that they know if your property’s value is on par with the loan you’re asking for.

·         Constructing a Building

Boundary surveys will also come in handy when building a residential or commercial building. This way, homeowners know where to start and stop building while cleverly avoiding boundary disputes between neighbors.

·         Renovating a Property

If you’re considering renovation options for your home or commercial building, or you bought an old building and want to renovate it, a boundary survey will be an ideal step to prevent you from encroachment. A boundary survey will uncover possible encasements in the property that may prevent you from adding decorative features like fences, pools, and decks.

So, does your situation require you to get a boundary survey for your property? Omland & Osterkorn are professional boundary surveyors in Bergen County, NJ, and will ensure you complete your infrastructure project without fearing boundary disputes. 

To schedule a property survey in Bergen County NJ, speak to one of our surveyors at 973-647-7820.

Omland & Osterkorn – Your Trusted property surveyors in Bergen County NJ.

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Engineers Bergen County NJ

Omland & Osterkorn are certified engineers in Bergen County NJ with more than two decades of combined experience.

Engineers Bergen County NJ

Are you looking to complete a site survey, stormwater management, floodwater analysis, pool garden plan, engineering design, or any other engineering project for your new, existing homes or commercial facility in New Jersey? The best way to get the accurate details you need is to hire an engineer.

A building is a complicated structure. Even an individual with a high IQ might get confused when studying one. Engineers are professionally trained to prepare strategic designs and specifications that will make your infrastructural projects straightforward.

How To Choose Quality Engineers

Hiring an engineer for your residential, commercial, or industrial infrastructural project can be the best decision you make. Why? Their experience means you're guaranteed the successful completion of your project. However, the wrong hire can make the whole process frustrating and time-consuming.

The difference between quality engineers and rip-offs is that quality engineers have the skills and know how to utilize their skills to meet expectations. Plus, they are reliable and always meet timelines.

A quality engineer will also know how to enforce project operational policies while complying with legal and government regulations so they avoid discrepancies that may arise with breaking state construction laws. If you meet engineers that don’t even have an idea of construction regulations placed by government agencies, look for more reliable engineers. But, that’s not the only thing you need to look out for.

To higher quality engineers, make sure they are:

·         Insured and licensed

·         Have proper accreditations

·         Adhere to construction guild lines

·         Don’t ask for large upfront deposits

·         Maintain project budgets

·         Develop a plan, schedule, and guideline in the fastest time possible

·         Create architectural drawings and plans

·         Conduct environmental studies and gather reliable data

·         Met timelines, especially during consultations.

Should I Hire an Engineering Company or Freelance Engineer?

When it involves infrastructure projects, there’s always the option of hiring a freelance engineer or an engineering company. Will some people prefer the low-cost budget of a freelance engineer, the difference between an engineering company and a freelance engineer is that engineering companies are always available at all times to handle your pressing infrastructure workload.

Also, engineering companies have skilled and experienced engineers on their staff, so you get an accurate job that meets your expectations. On the other hand, freelance engineers offer similar services to engineering companies. However, they are not reliable in the long run and during an emergency.

So, are you considering getting an engineering company in Bergen County NJ for your infrastructure project? Omland & Osterkorn are professional engineers, land surveyors, and planners in New Jersey with over 10 years of experience and will help you with your complex construction work. 

For more information on the engineering services we provide in New Jersey, please contact our office at 973-647-7820.

Omland & Osterkorn – Your Trusted Engineers Bergen County NJ.

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Property Surveys in Bergen County NJ

Do you need to conduct a property survey in Bergen County NJ? Omland & Osterkorn provides a large variety of Property Survey services for clients in Bergen County NJ.

Property Surveys in Bergen County NJ

Property surveys are an important part of the home buying process. It gives property owners confidence that erecting their building won’t result in complications.

If you’re planning on buying a house or erecting a building, here’s what you need to know about property surveys.

What are the Benefits of Property Survey?

Property surveys play significant roles in any engineering design or land sale. Some of its major benefits include:

1.    It Prevents Encroachment

Property boundaries can either make or break your home investment. When people buy a house newly, they're typically unaware of the legal boundaries of the property. A property survey eliminates the confusion of property lines while keeping homeowners from invading another neighbor's property to eliminate legal disputes on land ownership.

2.    It Reveals Possible Easements on a Property

An easement is a situation where other people have the right to access your property. For instance, t tells you whether you have to share a private road with neighbors or whether a utility company has permission to install electrical systems on the property.

Many homeowners who fail to conduct a property survey end up being caught by surprise after completing a purchase. A property survey makes you avoid easement surprises.

3.    It Provides Data on the Property’s Elevation

Aside from easements, a property survey also makes homeowners aware of the land’s elevation, contour, and features. It will tell you the property's exact location and type of building and provide a flood map location to help determine suitable insurance for flood situations.

By knowing the property's elevation, homeowners can make informed architectural and landscaping decisions when deciding on building structures.

4.    Prevents Hazards

Complications can arise when erecting a structure on a property. But this only occurs when one fails to conduct a property survey. A property survey will also help homeowners better understand the property to easily prevent potential problems like future collapse due to weak foundations and hazardous areas when building.

By knowing the hazardous areas around the property, homeowners can plan necessary adjustments to ensure a hazard-free zone when erecting a structure.

Professional Property Services for Your Bergen County NJ Home

Many homeowners will rather forego an official property survey and only get information on property boundaries. But, the fact is that you can get an official document stating property boundaries and end up with legal disputes.

The most reliable way to avoid complications during the home buying process is to hire licensed engineers and property surveyors.

Need a property survey in Bergen County, NJ?

Omland and Osterkorn are professional property survey engineers in Bergen County, New Jersey with the competent skills and experience required to conduct an official property survey. They utilize modern technologies and manual and robotic technologies to ensure accurate mapping of property lines. Plus, their AutoCAD and Civil 3D software applications ensure you get detailed information about your property. 

To schedule a property survey in Bergen County NJ, speak to one of our surveyors at 973-647-7820.

Omland & Osterkorn – Your Trusted property surveyors in Bergen County NJ.

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Title Survey in Bergen County NJ

Are you looking for a Title Survey in Bergen County NJ? Omland & Osterkorn are an accomplished engineering and surveying firm with expertise in conducting title surveys in Bergen County NJ.

Title Survey in Bergen County NJ

One of the many reasons people get loans is because they have a pending project lacking adequate finance. As easy as this may sound, getting a loan can be time-consuming and almost impossible without the right mortgage. For this reason, many people typically use landed property as a suitable mortgage.

On the other hand, if you intend to buy your property, it can also be a risky deal. When one fails to survey and make a proper appraisal of the property.

Whether you’re getting a loan or want to buy land, a land title survey is indispensable. Wonder how? Read on to find out.

What Does a Title Survey Do?

A title survey is an essential step in determining the utility and value of a piece of property. It helps to determine whether the description of the deed of a property matches its true status.  

Lenders know that offering a hefty loan can be risky. When property owners contact them with their property as a mortgage, it'd be easy to do a land appraisal to determine the property's value. However, business models today have changed so that lenders now look beyond the cost value but also want to know the utility of the piece of land.

On the flip side, buyers also don’t want to invest in a property they won’t be able to use as intended. Title surveys keep lenders' and buyers' minds at ease. A title survey will investigate the marketability of the property. It will show whether there are any issues with the title, such as easements, encroachments, and details influencing the title’s “clear” status.

Everything sounds confusing, right? This is why a title survey should be conducted by qualified title surveyors with proper licensing and experience.

Benefits of Title Survey

The title survey gives you detailed information about the exact limitations and rights attached to buying or inheriting land. That’s not all! The title survey can also reveal the following:

·         Where the legal boundaries of the property conflict with physical barriers like fences and walls.

·         Legal recognize use agreements by non-owners (encasements)

·         Encroachment by improvements on adjacent properties

·         Use of land by third parties like utility companies for which there are no recorded easements

·         How legal are the previous improvements made by non-owners

Get a Title Survey for Your Property in Bergen County NJ

Title surveyors like Omland and Osterkorn will give professional information on a piece of property. By using the latest and most efficient technologies, they’ll easily map out property lines, improvements, and encasements to help homeowners, buyers, lenders, attorneys, and companies make informed legal and financial decisions on a property. 

For more information about Title Surveys in Bergen County NJ, speak to one of our Surveyors at 973-647-7820.

Omland & Osterkorn – Your Trusted source for Title Survey in Bergen County NJ.

Monday, August 29, 2022

Property Surveyors

Are you looking for property surveyors in Bergen County NJ? Omland & Osterkorn is an engineering and surveying firm staffed by expert title surveyors, boundary surveyors, topographic surveyors and property surveyors in Bergen County NJ.

Property Surveyors

Whether you are planning to purchase land, sell, divide, make new improvements, construct a new building, or resolve property conflicts with neighbors, a property survey is vital in making your project run smoothly, especially when it involves knowing your property boundaries.

We live in a modern world where almost everything is possible via a DIY route. But, with property surveys, the DIY way can potentially get you in a boundaries dispute. If you're off by even a small margin built into neighboring lines, legal disputes may arise and leave you with costly settlements to pay.

For this reason, you must hire a licensed professional property surveyor to help you measure your property lines.

What Do Property Surveyors Do?

Property surveyors offer residential and commercial property survey services. A property surveyor takes exact measurements of your property to identify its boundaries and prepares reports, maps, and plots necessary to allow a construction project. The property surveyor also identifies property lines by determining the exact location of roads and buildings. If you’re considering erecting a building, property surveyors provide restriction information on what you can construct on the property, how large the structure should be, and the appropriate building depths for foundations.

Technological Benefits of Hiring Property Surveyors

For many industries, technologies are a big win since with the latest technological innovations, it is easy to complete any project with detailed information and at a faster pace.

So unlike a DIY survey option, property surveyors only provide reliable information on property boundaries thanks to their use of the latest manual and robotic survey equipment, from drones to augmented reality, 3D prints, and artificial intelligence.

Equipment like drones allows property surveyors to conduct mobile mapping from anywhere. On the other hand, AI and virtual reality technologies help create aerial view 3D models of the property so you can tour and inspect property sites virtually.

Find the Experts You Need

Like every competitive industry, finding a property surveyor for your home may be challenging with the increasing number of surveyors near you. However, every licensed surveyor won’t offer the same services that meet your expectations. You want to invest in a surveyor that assures accurate details at the fastest time possible.

If you stay in the US and need property surveyors for your home, Omland & Osterkorn is an engineering and surveying firm near you. Omland & Osterkorn offers expert title surveyors, boundary surveyors, topographic surveyors, and property surveyors to ensure your boundary and construction projects run smoothly.

Omland & Osterkorn makes sure to use the latest advanced technological equipment and experienced staff for surveys on your residential and commercial properties no matter their location in the US. 

To schedule an appointment with property surveyors in Bergen County NJ, call 973-647-7820.

Omland & Osterkorn – Your Trusted property surveyors in Bergen County NJ.

Monday, August 22, 2022

Survey Engineers

Are you looking for land surveys in Bergen County NJ? Omland & Osterkorn provides our clients with a large variety of land surveys in Bergen County NJ.

Survey Engineers

Are you planning to develop a piece of land? When it involves building or location regulations, it’s never easy to understand a site's topography and dimension. Technically, you already have a designed end goal in mind. But, how do you get critical data that ensures your land project doesn’t run into compliance and boundary issues?

At the end of the day, the simple answer to your problems is a survey engineer.

Who Are Survey Engineers?

Survey Engineers play a significant role in developing your land. They are professional land survey engineers that use spatial infrastructure tools (tools that discover, access, and use geographic data for land development) to determine the visual layout of a piece of land.

Modern surveyors also use sophisticated tools like Global Positioning Systems (GPS), electronic theodolites, aerial photographs, and satellite imagery to gather, analyze and use geographic information that helps them develop your land.

What is the Work of Survey Engineers?

It's not just about offering data to allow you to build land. Survey engineers offers more than this. When you purchase land or intend to sell one, a survey engineer offers the following services:

·         They help you find your property boundaries

·         Describe where a certain area of land is

·         Compute, portray and explain what your newly purchased land looks like

·         They tell you how much space you have

·         Put these facts in deeds, leases, and other legal documents

·         Determine the architectural or landscaping decisions possible on your land

·         Resolve legal disputes concerning land boundaries and define the terms of a sale.

·         Plan necessary adjustments to help with stormwater management

When Should You Hire Survey Engineers?

As mentioned earlier, survey engineers play vital roles when considering land development. So, you only need to hire a surveyor if you have pressing land survey needs like:

Change of land use: to change land use, you need to get a planning permit from the local government. A land surveyor ensures that your land meets local government permit requirements, from the overlays to municipal strategies and land zoning.

Site zoning: if your piece of land has several overlays to account for vegetation, wildlife protection, or plot ratio, then you’ll need land surveyors. They analyze your land and offer data concerning topographic heights of the land to help with zoning requirements.

Measure sloped site: if your land is on a sloped site and you plan to build a drain, road, or excavate a pipeline, survey engineers use specialized equipment to measure the horizontal and vertical distance of the land, so you know where to build these layouts.

Essentially, survey engineers are experienced experts in land surveys. Anytime you want to know how a building or construction project will fit on a piece of land, survey engineers offer land survey services to ensure your project runs smoothly. If you're looking for trusted land survey engineers for your next big project, whether you plan to upgrade a road, construct a new bridge, or build a house, professional survey engineers like Omland & Osterkorn offer reliable survey services for your needs. They utilize contemporary technology to provide more detailed data for your project.

For more information about land surveys in Bergen County NJ, speak to one of our surveyors at 973-647-7820.

Omland & Osterkorn – Your Trusted Source for Land Surveys in Bergen County NJ.

Flood Elevation Certificate

Are you looking for an  Elevation Certificate in Bergen County NJ ? Omland & Osterkorn is an experienced and accomplished engineering fi...