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Property Surveys in Bergen County NJ

Do you need to conduct a property survey in Bergen County NJ? Omland & Osterkorn provides a large variety of Property Survey services for clients in Bergen County NJ.

Property Surveys in Bergen County NJ

Property surveys are an important part of the home buying process. It gives property owners confidence that erecting their building won’t result in complications.

If you’re planning on buying a house or erecting a building, here’s what you need to know about property surveys.

What are the Benefits of Property Survey?

Property surveys play significant roles in any engineering design or land sale. Some of its major benefits include:

1.    It Prevents Encroachment

Property boundaries can either make or break your home investment. When people buy a house newly, they're typically unaware of the legal boundaries of the property. A property survey eliminates the confusion of property lines while keeping homeowners from invading another neighbor's property to eliminate legal disputes on land ownership.

2.    It Reveals Possible Easements on a Property

An easement is a situation where other people have the right to access your property. For instance, t tells you whether you have to share a private road with neighbors or whether a utility company has permission to install electrical systems on the property.

Many homeowners who fail to conduct a property survey end up being caught by surprise after completing a purchase. A property survey makes you avoid easement surprises.

3.    It Provides Data on the Property’s Elevation

Aside from easements, a property survey also makes homeowners aware of the land’s elevation, contour, and features. It will tell you the property's exact location and type of building and provide a flood map location to help determine suitable insurance for flood situations.

By knowing the property's elevation, homeowners can make informed architectural and landscaping decisions when deciding on building structures.

4.    Prevents Hazards

Complications can arise when erecting a structure on a property. But this only occurs when one fails to conduct a property survey. A property survey will also help homeowners better understand the property to easily prevent potential problems like future collapse due to weak foundations and hazardous areas when building.

By knowing the hazardous areas around the property, homeowners can plan necessary adjustments to ensure a hazard-free zone when erecting a structure.

Professional Property Services for Your Bergen County NJ Home

Many homeowners will rather forego an official property survey and only get information on property boundaries. But, the fact is that you can get an official document stating property boundaries and end up with legal disputes.

The most reliable way to avoid complications during the home buying process is to hire licensed engineers and property surveyors.

Need a property survey in Bergen County, NJ?

Omland and Osterkorn are professional property survey engineers in Bergen County, New Jersey with the competent skills and experience required to conduct an official property survey. They utilize modern technologies and manual and robotic technologies to ensure accurate mapping of property lines. Plus, their AutoCAD and Civil 3D software applications ensure you get detailed information about your property. 

To schedule a property survey in Bergen County NJ, speak to one of our surveyors at 973-647-7820.

Omland & Osterkorn – Your Trusted property surveyors in Bergen County NJ.

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Title Survey in Bergen County NJ

Are you looking for a Title Survey in Bergen County NJ? Omland & Osterkorn are an accomplished engineering and surveying firm with expertise in conducting title surveys in Bergen County NJ.

Title Survey in Bergen County NJ

One of the many reasons people get loans is because they have a pending project lacking adequate finance. As easy as this may sound, getting a loan can be time-consuming and almost impossible without the right mortgage. For this reason, many people typically use landed property as a suitable mortgage.

On the other hand, if you intend to buy your property, it can also be a risky deal. When one fails to survey and make a proper appraisal of the property.

Whether you’re getting a loan or want to buy land, a land title survey is indispensable. Wonder how? Read on to find out.

What Does a Title Survey Do?

A title survey is an essential step in determining the utility and value of a piece of property. It helps to determine whether the description of the deed of a property matches its true status.  

Lenders know that offering a hefty loan can be risky. When property owners contact them with their property as a mortgage, it'd be easy to do a land appraisal to determine the property's value. However, business models today have changed so that lenders now look beyond the cost value but also want to know the utility of the piece of land.

On the flip side, buyers also don’t want to invest in a property they won’t be able to use as intended. Title surveys keep lenders' and buyers' minds at ease. A title survey will investigate the marketability of the property. It will show whether there are any issues with the title, such as easements, encroachments, and details influencing the title’s “clear” status.

Everything sounds confusing, right? This is why a title survey should be conducted by qualified title surveyors with proper licensing and experience.

Benefits of Title Survey

The title survey gives you detailed information about the exact limitations and rights attached to buying or inheriting land. That’s not all! The title survey can also reveal the following:

·         Where the legal boundaries of the property conflict with physical barriers like fences and walls.

·         Legal recognize use agreements by non-owners (encasements)

·         Encroachment by improvements on adjacent properties

·         Use of land by third parties like utility companies for which there are no recorded easements

·         How legal are the previous improvements made by non-owners

Get a Title Survey for Your Property in Bergen County NJ

Title surveyors like Omland and Osterkorn will give professional information on a piece of property. By using the latest and most efficient technologies, they’ll easily map out property lines, improvements, and encasements to help homeowners, buyers, lenders, attorneys, and companies make informed legal and financial decisions on a property. 

For more information about Title Surveys in Bergen County NJ, speak to one of our Surveyors at 973-647-7820.

Omland & Osterkorn – Your Trusted source for Title Survey in Bergen County NJ.

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