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Boundary Surveys in Bergen County NJ

If you're like most homeowners than you have no idea where the actual property line is for the land you own, and most people don't even think to find this information out until it might already be too late. The internet is filled with information on ways to measure property lines of a house or an office that usually contains the use of permanent markers or stone monuments to mark your property boundaries, however this is not an accurate way to answer your main question. Fortunately for you, there are professionals that can answer any questions you have about boundry surveys in Bergen County, NJ

Being aware of the property boundaries can come in handy for you if you are thinking about building a driveway or a sun room, it's even more important if you are building a fence around your property. Companies like Omland & Osterkorn can give you an exact property line so there can never be any disputes from your neighbors or local authorities; in the long run, knowing the exact property lines from professionals can help you to settle numerous disputes and, in worst cases, court cases as well.

There's Six main reasons why you should always make sure you get your boundry surveys in Bergen County, NJ done by a professional:
To ensure that new development consturction is fully legal
To find out if there is any easements that you are unaware of
To determine if the property is in a flood zone
To idnetify if there is any encroachments from other properties
To help you subdivide an existing property
Establishing compliance with ALTA/ACSM standards

The last reason is the most vital reason to hiring a reputed company like Omalnd & Osterkorn for you boundry surveys in Bergen County, NJ because it's a local company we're up to date with all the latest laws & standards to make sure that you stay in compliance and aware of all of your rights and limits. With the latest manual and robotic equipment as well as the most advanced software, hiring a professional is the only way to make sure that you have the clearest possible picture of where your property line ends and begins.

At Omland & Osterkorn, we are dedicated to helping our clients make the most out of their properties. For more information about our boundry surveys in Bergen County, NJ, call Omland & Osterkorn today at 201-899-3413!

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