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Land Surveys

Are you looking for land surveys in Bergen County NJ?

The different types of land surveys

Land surveys come in different parts and forms. Whether or not you need one will depend on the type of situation you find yourself.

Here are the most important forms of land surveys available:

ASCM/ALTA survey

The ASCM/ALTA survey will provide a company or a lender with the survey and location data that you need to get an Extended Coverage Title Insurance policy or a policy from the American Land Title Association.

The survey usually sows the relationship between current improvements on a piece of land relative to the boundaries that have been put in the deed to the land.

The ASCM/ALTA survey usually covers all of the land’s features

Location survey

Like the boundary survey, a location survey will get you extra details on any location and interior developments. If you want to apply for a loan or a zoning permit, then you will need the location survey.

Construction survey

When developing a construction survey, you will stake out structures on a property. The structures include roads, buildings, and walls. By staking, you provide guides to personnel that will help them to implement improvements that are on the plan.

A construction survey could also involve vertical and horizontal grading as well as the right survey.

Subdivision survey

Subdivision surveys are also known as partition surveys. These days, we use subdivision land surveys to divide land into smaller lots. The subdivision survey is also usually applied in designing drainages and streets, and you will need to have records sent to the local and state government as well.

Boundary survey

A boundary survey will help to locate the boundary and corner lines of piece of land. The boundary survey involves reports of research and records, as well as the calculations and measurements that will help set the boundary lines. Al of these will have to be done with the laws of the state.

Site planning survey

A lot of the time, city authorities require that you get a site planning survey before you can get a development permit application. These surveys combine the components of topographic and boundary surveys, and they help to provide effective site plans.

The site planning survey is also usually applied to design subdivisions, house lots, highways, streets, and much more.

Topographic surveys

The topographic survey is used to locate the topographic features on a piece of land. These features can be natural or man-made, and they include buildings, utilities, streams, fences, and even contours.
There are times when local and state governments require topographic surveys. Architects might also ask for them, and engineers will require them to make any developments and site improvements.
You can implement this survey through combining ground field methods and aerial photography.

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Monday, May 18, 2020

Residental Property Surveyors in Bergen County, NJ

Omland & Osterkorn is an engineering and surveying firm staffed by expert title surveyors, boundary surveyors, topographic surveyors and residential property surveyors in Bergen County NJ.

Selecting a residential survey service

When you set out to develop a building, there are quite a lot of factors that you will need to consider to ensure that you get the right surveyors.

To aid your choice, here are some important of those:

Check out their experience levels

Perhaps the first factor you will need to consider is the experience level of the residential property surveyor. To do this, you need to ensure that they’ve got some track record with progressive residential surveys.

You will need to be specific in your process selection as well. make sure to understand what a professional can help you with. Usually, surveyors can help with machinery, land, buildings, and much more. While some professionals are well versed in different forms of surveying, you need to ensure that the people you pick know how to run a proper residential surveying job.

So, check out their past work with residential surveys and determine whether this makes them a great fir for you.


As it is with almost every other professional task that needs to be done – especially when it comes to residential properties – surveyors would also need to be licensed.

Keep in mind that the requirements for licensing are usually different from place to place. So, if you’re looking for a residential property surveyor in Bergen County, NJ, the licensing requirements would most likely be different from some other part of the country.

A professional license will put you at peace, since you know that you’re working with a company that is reputable and which has the right skills to conduct the residential survey. They would be able to conduct effective analyses and draft the necessary documents.

Knowledge of the locality

It’s not a skill you can learn in school, but it’s an important one nonetheless. It is also important that your surveyor would have the right local knowledge. A surveyor with local knowledge will help, as they will help ensure that your property has the right qualities for your areas. The best way to get this done is to hire a surveyor with proper local knowledge.

The required tools

The selection process also requires that the right surveyors should have the right tools. Keep in mind that the surveyor will need to develop the documents that help guide how your building project will go. They will need the right tools to help develop a proper survey document.

Proper communication skills

A residential survey will also need to have the right communication skills. You’ll be doing a lot of talking with them, and they’ll have to be able to talk to you in a way that will enhance an understanding of what needs to be done.

Their price quote

You will have a budget when building a house, and a residential survey is always a part of it. Try your best to get a quote that’s as favorable as possible.

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Monday, May 11, 2020

Site Plans in Bergen County NJ

Are you looking for site plans in Bergen County, NJ?

The most important details that should be in your site plan

The site plan is one of the most important pieces of documentation that you will want to get when you’re getting ready to begin work on a building. It’s highly essential, as it contains just about everything that you want to incorporate into the project.

However, here are some of the most important construction-related details that it needs to contain:

Property lines

By including property lines in your development site plan, you’re actually making it much easier for a surveyor or an architect to understand what you’re trying to get out of it.

The property lines will, among other things, set the entire stage for the design. You’re free to be as innovative and imaginative as you would like with your building, but it becomes a problem when you start to encroach on the property of someone near you

If you end up doing so, then you run the risk of being drawn into more drawings and surveys – which will just take more time. In the worst case, you could actually get sued.

Building-property line distance

You need to keep in mind that the situation of your building will go beyond just staying within the limits of the property. You also need to consider the surrounding buildings and their dimensions too.
Ensure that you put in the dimensions of your plan, because you will need to consider the following when underlying your structure’s location:
  • The zoning

  • The height of the building

  • Your use for the building

  • Any possible fire hazards

  • All existing and proposed conditions

    If you want to present your plan to any reviewers or your city officials, then you will want the site plan to contain both how the site is now and what you would like for it to be. This will include throwing in some more details about utility lines and fence lines as well.

    This will also let the city officials understand if other professionals will need to be present for everyone to be able to grasp the details you’re putting in and around the building.


    If you need to maintain or cross an element of your design that will also be on a surrounding property, then you will need to get an easement.

    For instance, if you want to run a pipe to your property and it needs to pass through another one, an easement will give you the allowance to do just that.

    You can represent your easement with text or with a pictorial representation, but you will need to just show it in the site plan.

    Lay-down areas and construction limits

    This will depict the portion of the property that you will be running the actual construction. It will also delineate the region that is located close to the site where you wat to keep all construction-related supplies and store them.

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