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Property Surveys in Bergen County

Do you need to conduct a property survey in Bergen County NJ? Omland & Osterkorn provides a large variety of Property Survey services for clients in Bergen County NJ.

Property Surveys in Bergen County

If you are considering buying a property in Bergen County, New Jersey, then you have likely come across the term "property survey." While it might sound like a complex concept, a property survey is a crucial step in the real estate journey that can help you avoid potential headaches down the line because it shows you where your property starts and ends.

In this blog post, we will explore how to get a property survey and the cost involved to help you understand what to expect before contacting property surveyors near you.

How to Get a Property Survey

When buying a property in Bergen County, the first thing to consider is to contact property surveyors. These people are trained professional who specializes in measuring and mapping land. So, they can help you understand the boundaries of the property you are dealing with.

Next, the surveyor will come to the property you are buying and do a thorough walk-through using special tools to measure the land and figure out where the borders are. After their survey, they will make a special map (the property survey) that shows the lines of your property. It's like drawing a picture of the land with all the important details.

The property survey map will help you know exactly where you can build things and where your land ends. This way, you have a clear guide so you don't accidentally build on someone else's land or break any rules. Once you have the property survey and understand it, you can buy the property with confidence since you know exactly what you are getting and won't have any surprises later.

Costs Considerations of Property Surveys in Bergen County

Generally, property survey costs can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars in Bergen County. Most property surveyors determine their cost by:

·         How big and complicated the property is - if it is a larger property with features like trees, buildings, or slopes, it might take more time and effort to survey accurately, which may increase the cost.

·         The type of survey you want - If you only need to know where the boundaries are, boundary survey might cost less. But if you're buying a commercial property or need more detailed information, like elevation changes, it could be a bit pricier.

·         Location of your property - If it is in a remote area that is hard to access, the surveyors might need to spend more time getting there, which could increase the cost.

·         The urgency of the job - if you need the survey done quickly, some surveyors might charge extra for rushing the job.

To get a more accurate estimate, it is best to contact the local surveying company you want in Bergen County and request quotes based on the specifics of your property. They will consider factors like property size, type of survey, location, and any additional services you might need.

Need property surveyors for your Bergen County Home? Omland and Osterkorn provide expert property surveys that can help you avoid potential complications when starting your building project. 

To schedule a property survey in Bergen County NJ, speak to one of our surveyors at 973-647-7820.

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Site Plans in Bergen County NJ

Are you looking for site plans in Bergen County, NJ? Omland & Osterkorn are proven experts at creating site plans in Bergen County, NJ for residential, commercial and municipal developments.

Site Plans in Bergen County  

If you plan to build a house, open a store, make changes to your already erected building, or construct a garden in Bergen County, you will likely come across the term "site plan" a lot. So, what exactly are site plans, and why are they important during construction?

Benefits of Site Plans

No matter what you are trying to build, you need a clear plan that shows where everything will go to ensure everything fits and works just right. A site plan is like a map that helps you organize all the important things on your land. It shows where buildings will be, where people can park their cars, where plants and trees will grow, and how people will walk around. It's like drawing a picture of your future project on paper.

In simple words, site plans are not just pieces of paper; they are critical to avoid chaos during construction. By helping you visualize the entire project on paper, a site plan ensures that builders can better coordinate their efforts while constructing your home. But, that’s not all there is to a site plan.

1.    A Site Plan Ensures Efficient Land Use

Site plans help make the most out of available land by showing how different parts of a property will be used. This efficiency can help avoid unnecessary sprawl and preserve open spaces.

2.    It Helps You Avoid Risks

When builders start building a house without a site plan, they might accidentally put a road where a garden should be. In fact, they may build on flood-prone areas, putting your property in harm’s way. A site plan tells everyone exactly what to do so they don't make mistakes. This saves time and money and prevents headaches during the construction project.

3.    Site Plans Ensure Rule Compliance with Local Authorities

Different counties and regions, like Bergen County, often have specific regulations and zoning codes. If you are planning housing construction in Bergen County, a site plan will help you follow the housing standards of the region so you can avoid disputes with the local authorities.

What Does a Site Plan Include?

While site plans can vary depending on the project, they usually include the following key components:

·         Property boundaries, which clearly define where your property starts and ends.

·         Building locations show the placement and layout of buildings on the property.

·         Parking areas show the spaces designed to house vehicles, driveways, and entrances.

·         Landscaping features a space for plantings and other outdoor amenities.

·         Utilities show where water, sewer, and utility lines will be built.

Want to get a site plan for your home? Omland & Osterkorn are professional engineers familiar with Bergen County's development landscape. Their expertise can help you create a site plan that meets all the necessary criteria.

For more information about our site plans in Bergen County, NJ, speak to one of our engineers at 973-647-7820.

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