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Survey Engineers in Bergen County, NJ

 Are you looking for land surveys in Bergen County NJOmland & Osterkorn provides our clients with a large variety of land surveys in Bergen County NJ.

Property surveys and what they do

Owning a house – or, better, a piece of land – is no joke. There is a lot of complexity to the process, and you will most likely have to deal with terrible boundary descriptions and even some documents that use terms you never heard of except if you’re a Bonafede lawyer.

Not so easy, huh? 

Well, thankfully, you have something else that could work – a land survey.

When you get a land survey, you’re purchasing a document that describes your property and the piece of land on which it stands. The document states all that your land is worth in a few words. So, instead of sifting through the jargon, you have something that works for you instead.

When you hire survey engineers in Bergen County NJ, one primary thing you should keep in mind is that the survey plan should display your property and its legal boundaries. A lot of the time, you will find yourself in boundary disputes with the people who have property close to you. In order to effectively fight for your rights and avoid such conflict, a property or land survey helps significantly.

These conflicts might not come at all, but you’ll be glad you have a survey if you find yourself in one. To put things in context, here are some of the most critical things that a survey plan can help with:

  • Defining your property’s shape and size
  • Showing the location of easements and rights of way
  • Showing the distances and dimensions of your boundary to the other properties around you.
  • Showing distances to utilities and other important land fixtures.
  • Describing all physical monuments and markers that show your land and its limits

 In some cases, survey plans will also show topographic mapping features in your land. These features show elevations and other land properties (fences, trees, sewer access, etc.)

Survey plans can also reveal deficiencies in your property, highlight encroachments to your buildings, and give accurate property dimensions. These dimensions usually override any of the unverified descriptions that your land deed has.

Make sure you get a survey plan in the following scenarios:

  • When buying a house
  • When making significant renovations
  • When you get into a boundary dispute
  • When selling the house

A lot of the time, banks, realtors, and lawyers will ask for survey plans from you. You could also need them in case the government asks. Since they are prepared by seasoned professionals, they carry significant weight.

All in all, anyone who wants to own a home or some other piece of property will do well to have a survey plan. They help you to know your rights and understand your limits, thus reducing the chances of any dragged-out conflict. 

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