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Engineering Firm in Bergen County, NJ

Are you looking for an engineering firm in Bergen County, NJ? With over 20 years of combined experience, Omland & Osterkorn is an innovative and accomplished engineering firm in Bergen County, NJ.

Engineering Firm in Bergen County, NJ

When planning a construction, a site plan is one of the most important things to have. Also known as a plot plan, the site plan is a document that shows some of the critical components of the building site.

When working with an engineering firm in Bergen County, NJ like Omland & Osterkorn, a site plan gives all the details you need to know about your prospective structure and its orientation. Some critical features of the site plan include:


Directions and Notes

A site plan should clearly map out the directions to and from the site itself. When working with an engineering firm in Bergen County, NJ, you will usually see abbreviations and notes in the site plan as well. This is where all critical details are written.


Property Lines

The site plan clearly maps out property lines around the lot’s exterior angle. This will help builders understand boundaries and where they cannot go beyond while building. 


Existing & Proposed Conditions

Here, you have power lines, fence boundaries, and more that need to be on the site plan. The plan will also include whether you will need to call property inspectors during the construction process.


Construction Limits

As the name probably shows, the construction limits will be critical to the construction process. They show the parts of the property where you can construct and areas where you will set up storage and parking spaces. 

Details like parking and storage spaces are important to the building. The site plan shows these and more. In most cities, site plans are required by law to show parking dimensions - including allotted spaces, areas for proper vehicle turning, and traffic flow.


Neighboring Streets and Signs

Besides the flow of traffic, a site plan will also show the property’s functions - especially in relation to the avenues and stress around it. Along with the site’s vicinity map, this explains how the site functions in the streets and the accommodations it has.

This is especially critical in areas with high traffic. You know the exact dimensions of the roads, the linkages, and even driveways around.


Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants are another important feature required by law to be in the site plan. In all cities, some codes dictate the acceptable distance that a property should be in when there’s a fire hydrant. 

When submitted for approval, the site plan will include any fire hydrants around and show that the construction is within acceptable limits.



Easements are a feature that your property usually shares with someone else. They could be pathways, utility lines, or even the sections of your property that the homeowners’ association will maintain.

Your site plan should definitely include easements.


A proper site plan will also include the type of landscape features available on your site. Whether it’s a desert landscape or filled with trees, you have to let the authorities know. 

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Property Surveyors North NJ

Do you need to conduct a property survey in Bergen County NJ? Omland & Osterkorn provides a large variety of Property Survey services for clients in Bergen County NJ.

Property Surveyors North NJ

Omland & Osterkorn is a professional company with professional property surveyors in North NJ. Our property surveyors use specialized tools and equipment to conduct quality measurements and accurate evaluations of residential and commercial lands or buildings.

Omland & Osterkorn develops land survey reports and performs essential calculations to streamline the process and give residential or commercial property owners peace of mind. Our company employs qualified property surveyors who prepare sites for construction and provide data on measurements to establish boundaries.

Besides, our experienced surveyors conduct research on legal boundaries, perform land measurements, and implement mathematical models to streamline calculations. You can trust Omland & Osterkorn for your property survey needs. Read on!

Highly Trained Surveyors

Omland & Osterkorn’s property surveyors have advanced mathematical and analytical skills to perform result-driven calculations. Not only do our surveyors possess a keen eye for detail, but they also have extensive knowledge of performing complex measurements, data analysis, and results recording.

In addition, Omland & Osterkorn follows a team-oriented approach to ensure efficiency, high perception, and analysis. Innovative, creative, professional, and courteous are what define our property surveyors in North NJ. Our highly trained team manages and completes all projects on time using various scientific, mathematical, and numeric data analysis tools.

Comprehensive Services

Our property surveyors and engineers in North NJ can prepare and maintain sketches, maps, and reports of surveys’ legal descriptions. Before our professional team performs calculations, it collects and verifies the data to ensure accuracy and precision.

We calculate sites’ measurements, write detailed and accurate descriptions of property boundaries, and research legal documents, including land titles, survey records, etc. to clarify property boundaries.

The process involves planning, feasibility study, project management, negotiation with concerned authorities, engineering designs, registration plans, and boundary marking plans.

Advanced Information Systems

Omland & Osterkorn has skilled surveyors with knowledge of advanced information systems to create and store data about properties. The purpose is to maintain land ownership records, property valuation, land usage, and topography.

That way, we extract data and gain insights from in-depth analysis to stay up to date with the administrative function of local governing bodies. Besides, we collect information on property guidelines and building regulations in Northern NJ to prevent legal complications. Contact us today if you need a comprehensive, accurate, and result-driven survey for your residential or commercial property. 

To schedule a property survey in Bergen County NJ, speak to one of our surveyors at 973-647-7820.

Omland & Osterkorn – Your Trusted property surveyors in Bergen County NJ.

Flood Elevation Certificate

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