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Engineering Firm in Bergen County, NJ

Are you looking for an engineering firm in Bergen County, NJ? With over 20 years of combined experience, Omland & Osterkorn is an innovative and accomplished engineering firm in Bergen County, NJ.

Engineering Firm in Bergen County, NJ

Wherever you go these days, you’re surrounded by buildings. Whether you’re in a rural or an urban area, buildings are everywhere - from offices to schools to commercial centers and even homes.

Many of these buildings are erected with high-quality materials that allow them to stay for years. If you’re looking to get into the building space, it’s important that you know some of these materials and how critical they are to the overall success of their buildings.

Below, we’ll list some of the most commonly used building materials today and why theta re in such high demand.


Concrete is one of the most popular materials. Every engineering firm in Bergen County, NJ understands the importance of this composite, which is made of fine and coarse aggregate as well as a binder (such as water or cement).

It takes about a week to cure concrete, and another month for it to get to maximum strength. Some concrete is also reinforced with steel, which improves its tensile strength and load capacity. Concrete is known for its versatility and affordability. It is used primarily for:



     Building construction - residential and commercial

     Bridge construction

     Building culverts and sewers.



Ever since humans discovered steel as a reinforcement material, the construction of skyscrapers went through the roof. Made from alloys of carbon and iron, steel is lightweight, easy to work with, and relatively easy to ship.

Steel is also known for its strength, and it can retain its structural properties even when it gets bent. Steel is used for several purposes, including:


     Building structural sections, thus increasing their tensile strength

     Making roofs and roofing products

     Building internal components like stairs and railings

     Constructing utilities like gas lines, power grids, and more


Wood is perhaps the oldest of all construction materials. It is relatively strong, naturally available, and very cost-efficient. Wood can be made into different shapes, and it is also loved for being environmentally sustainable.

You’ll also love wood because it works well with other materials. It’s relatively light, and it can be standardized. Wood can be used in areas such as:


     Floor and ceiling construction

     Interior fixtures’ construction

     Thermal insulation

     Building frames 


Hardly does any building material last like stone. Some of the oldest buildings in the world are made of stone, with the material being as versatile as it is strong.

Ordinary stone is pretty cheap. But, you can probably see higher prices if you’re trying to get a unique finish. Stone is used in areas such as:


     Damp-proofing, especially for external walls

     Making ornaments and polish finishes

     As a rough aggregate in raw construction 

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