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Boundary Surveys

Do you need to conduct a Boundary Survey in Bergen County NJ? Omland & Osterkorn are an accomplished engineering and surveying firm with expertise in performing Boundary Surveys in Bergen County NJ.

Boundary Surveys

Have you ever wondered how property surveyors can measure the invisible lines that define the boundaries of your property? Do you frequently wonder how these lines determine land ownership, settle land disputes, and ensure legal compliance?

Here, we explore the secrets of boundary surveys, from their process to their significance.

The Process of Boundary Surveys

A boundary survey involves a series of meticulous steps conducted by professional land surveyors to accurately determine property boundaries. Here are five steps property surveyors employ to help you define your boundary lines.

1.    Research

They start by researching the historical records, deeds, maps, and other relevant documents of the land to understand the property's legal description. This information will give them a foundation for the survey so they know what to consider when measuring your boundary lines.

2.    Property Inspection

Next, they visit your property armed with advanced manual and robotic survey tools from GPS receivers to total stations to measure and document the property from the natural landmarks to the four edges of the property and lines. This process will help them obtain accurate estimates of your property.  

3.    Analyze and Calculate the Data

After measuring the property, the surveyor will analyze the measurements, calculate and compare them with historical records to ensure that the result they get is accurate. If they find any discrepancies, they will re-analyze the data to ensure they get reliable results.

4.    Marking the Boundary

Once they arrive at the right results, the surveyor marks the property's boundaries with tools like iron pins, concrete monuments, or surveyor's stakes. These tools are called physical markers, as they provide a visible reference to help homeowners avoid any confusion or misunderstandings in the future.

5.    Documentation

Finally, the boundary surveyors will create an official report of the survey results. This report serves as a legal document anyone can use if they are considering property re-sale, litigation, or as evidence in case of boundary disputes.

Hire a Professional Land Surveyor for Your Boundary Surveys

Boundary surveys are challenging since they involve the use of technical tools and mathematical methods. Due to the critical nature of boundary surveys, you want to hire a reputable and licensed professional land surveyor to do the job. If you are looking for boundary surveyors in New Jersey, Omland & Osterkorn are professional are qualified surveyors in New Jersey that can ensure the integrity of your survey results and provide you peace of mind to ensure you won’t fall into property disputes and adhere to the zoning regulations of your region. 

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Property Surveyors

Are you looking for property surveyors in Bergen County NJ? Omland & Osterkorn is an engineering and surveying firm staffed by expert title surveyors, boundary surveyors, topographic surveyors and property surveyors in Bergen County NJ.

Property Surveyors 

Property surveyors help you understand the physical characteristics and legal boundaries of your property. They ensure that your property complies with local land regulations, whether you are buying a new home, developing land, or simply managing your property portfolios. But, what kind of surveys do property surveyors really do?

Before you hire a property surveyor, here’s everything you need to know about the different types of surveys they offer.

Types of Property Surveys

There are several types of property surveys, and they serve different purposes. Most people oy know about boundary surveys, but that's not all. Some common surveys property surveyors typically offer include:

1.    Boundary Survey

These surveys often determine the legal property boundaries of a parcel of land. Here, the property surveyor will measure and map the property lines and corners of your lot and identify any encroachments or easements to ensure that the property adheres to zoning and building codes while reducing the risk of boundary disputes, especially if you want to construct fences or buildings near the property boundary.

2.    Topographic Surveys

People who want to mortgage their land, sell, develop it, or build new structures will need to know about the land's contours, vegetation, natural features, and man-made structures. A topographic survey ensures that you know every detail about the physical features and contours of your lot. In this survey, property surveyors will include information about natural and man-made features on the lot, from elevations to water bodies, roads, vegetation, and utility infrastructure. The result of this survey is that you can easily tell the existing condition of the land and create a plan that suits it.

3.    Construction Surveys

Property surveyors carry out these surveys when they are sure the construction work can start. This type of survey involves staking the construction site to establish reference points and verify that buildings and infrastructure adhere to design plans. But, to achieve these, property surveyors will work with professional architects since they need to ensure their measurements meet the architectural design of the house. By conducting this survey, property surveyors ensure that the project progresses correctly so that you get the final results you expected.

4.    Elevation Surveys

These surveys are also known as floodplain surveys because they ensure your property won’t be prone to flood. In this survey, property surveyors will identify the elevation levels and flood zone of the property bed on FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) regulations. With this survey, you will understand the potential flood risks of your home and take precautions when building in flood-prone areas.

Do you have land you want to develop or sell in Bergen County, New Jersey? Then consider hiring professional property surveyors like Omland & Osterkorn near you.

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