Monday, June 19, 2017

Property Survey in Bergen county, NJ

A property surveyor is an individual who studies and details the boundaries and topography of your land and prepare reports for title deeds, site plans, legal documents and more. A property surveyor can also help determine easement and other restrictions on land use. If you are in need of these or other related services, call Omland & Oskerkorn Inc. for a professional property survey in Bergen county, NJ.

When do you need a property surveyor?
If you are planning to buy a new property or construct a new building or commercial development, you need the services of a surveyor to determine any potential legal, boundary or title issues that could impact the proper use of your property. Surveyors can also de
termine easements for utilities like sewer, electric and water companies who have the right to access your property for repair and maintenance purposes.

What is the work of a property surveyor?

Identify restrictions and issues

A property surveyor identifies any restriction and issues that may cause problems and allow you to modify your plans. You can also pick another location for your planned structure. They can even ehlp to prevent you from buying a property that has issues. They make sure you won’t infringe on anybody’s rights, or local ordinances.

Settling disputes

You might need the services of a property surveyor to settle disputes with the local government or your neighbors. These disputes can be regarding fence locations, boundary lines or the kind of structures you want to build on your property. It’s not uncommon to discover that you cannot build a commercial building on your property or that neighbor’s fence is situated on your property.

If you want to make major additions to your property

In any case, you should seek the services of your surveyor before making any major addition to your property. Building a fence, installing a swimming pool, construct a new home, adding a garage or any home addition requires the approval of a surveyor. No matter your property or your intended use for it, a property survey can help you save money by keeping you out of any legal issues related the use of your land.  

To learn more about getting a property survey in Bergen county NJ, please call us at Omland & Osterkorn Inc at (201) 899-3413. One of our property surveyors will be happy to speak to you.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Elevation Certificate in Bergen County, NJ

Many property owners find themselves in need of an Elevation Certificate in Bergen County, NJ after receiving notification from their lenders that their property is in a potential flood hazard area. Without an Elevation Certificate, flood insurance companies rate your premiums in the highest, most expensive tier, because they assume the highest risk in the absence of better, more accurate information.

An Elevation Certificate is an important tool that documents your building’s elevation. This fact sheet provides valuable information for homeowners about their level of flood risk. These certificates can only be completed by a licensed surveyor.

Elevation Certificates require several elevation or vertical measurements of the affected structures. The process that calculates flood insurance premium amounts takes all of the differences in elevation into account and determines a premium that is based on a weighted likelihood of damage in the event of a flood.  An inventory and certification of flood openings (or "flood vents") in crawl spaces or basements is also a necessary part of the process. Flood vents are used to allow passage of flood waters in and out of these areas of structures to avoid wall failure from hydro-static pressure. Such hydro-static pressure can be caused from flood waters trying to get into a structure during the event, or trapped flood waters trying to get out of a structure after the water has receded.

This can seem like a complicated process, but a skilled and knowledgeable land surveyor will be able to complete a flood elevation survey efficiently and provide you with an accurate elevation certificate efficiently at a fair price. The expense of a proper elevation certificate can seem like a rounding error compared to the amount of money it could save you in insurance premiums down the road. 

Omland & Osterkorn is an engineering and surveying with a proven track record of completing elevation certificates in Bergen County, NJ.

To learn more about getting an elevation certificate in Bergen County, NJ, call Omland & Osterkorn at (201)899-3413. 

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Flood Elevation Certificate

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