Friday, April 7, 2017

Site Plans in Bergen County, NJ

Bergen County, NJ is an exciting and desirable place to live or do business. New Jersey Family magazine recently ranked 29 towns in the county in their top 100 best towns for families. On the business side, the county benefits from a high median household income, some of the country's busiest shopping, and easy access to New York City.  Getting ownership of a parcel of land in Bergen County for any reason is a big win. Doesn’t the time and effort you spent getting that land justify a professionally engineered site plan that makes the most of it? Quality site plans in Bergen County, NJ are necessities for any construction projects, whether commercial or residential.

Residential Site Plans

If you have just purchased the land to build a house on, or you are planning to remodel an existing house or perform significant changes to the lot, you will first need a skilled land surveyor to perform property surveys and then bring in an engineer to design a site plan that takes the results into account. Every significant home construction project has its own potential pitfalls ranging from local building regulations to land erosion to easements left behind by prior owners. If you are considering installing a swimming pool, a pool grading plan will need to be incorporated into your site plan. Regardless of how many changes you are planning to make to your land, a skilled engineer will help you work through both legal and logistical obstacles and help you create a home that meets both your needs and desires. 

Commercial Site Plans

When developing a site for business purposes, there are numerous considerations, many of which may be difficult to foresee without proper training and experience. Logistical issues like flood management and topography must be taken into account.  Landscaping decisions need to be made responsibly with an eye towards environmental sustainable.  A good site plan will be able to ensure a smooth flow of both foot and vehicle traffic including efficient walkways and a properly sized and arranged parking lot. Finally, a well-engineered site plan will take help you meet all municipal and state building requirements to ensure a timely and uninterrupted start to construction.

There is a veritable are a swarm of factors to consider when developing your site, but Bergen County, NJ land is prized with good reason, and the right engineers and surveyors will help you make the most of it.

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