Monday, August 3, 2020

Property Surveys in Bergen County NJ

Omland & Osterkorn are an accomplished engineering and surveying firm with expertise in performing Property Line Surveys in Bergen County NJ.

A carefully conducted survey is a foundational part of any engineering design or land sale. Our residential and commercial property surveys are useful for determining what types of architectural or landscaping decisions are possible on a given piece of land as well as resolving legal disputes and defining the terms of a sale. A property survey will also help clients prevent potential complications in the developmental review process and plan necessary adjustments to help with storm water management and other topographical features.

The Benefits of Residential Property Surveys in Bergen County, NJ

With residential liable cases increasing and most people today would rather take their neighbors to small claims court instead of a nice chat over disputed property lines, having a property survey will save you the hardship of court fees and a lot of wasted time. Although your home's properties might seem easy to decipher by the boundary line between the 2 yards in question by a straight line and the previously installed fence that was there before the house was purchased, these imaginary boundaries can be very inaccurate. By having a residential property survey will settle and land discrepancy and will claim the property lines. Having a legal and certified land survey will verify the exact property lines and will inform residents what structures like fences, drainage systems and even trees are the responsibility of the landowner.

How We Conduct our Residential Property Surveys in Bergen County, NJ
At Omland & Osterkorn, our expert property surveyor will research into the property in question before we even look at the land. Our research includes the history of the deed and may include a title search which makes sure there are no discrepancies when it comes to who owns the land. All our property surveys will begin with research into legal descriptions about the land we survey as well as the history of the property. After this step, the surveyor will actually visit the property and start a design of the land, boundaries, and different elements that make up the property.  After surveying, they will provide a detailed map depicting the property's legal boundaries. The survey will also include a written description of the property, street address, the location of buildings and adjacent properties, and any improvements the homeowner can make to the land.

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