Friday, August 6, 2021

Engineers in Bergen County, NJ

Are you looking for an engineering firm in Bergen County, NJ? With over 20 years of combined experience, Omland & Osterkorn is an innovative and accomplished engineering firm in Bergen County, NJ.

Engineers in Bergen County, NJ – Omland & Osterkorn

Omland & Osterkorn is a reputable company in Bergen County, NJ, with experienced engineers who have skills in all facets of planning, designing, and inspection of construction site development, renovation, and expansion projects.

Our engineers have many years of experience in different tasks, including facility layout, grading, utility design, paving, stormwater management, sediment, erosion control, and permitting. In addition, our expertise also includes:

·        Transmission systems for water

·        Distribution systems for sanitary sewer

·        Collection systems for storm drainage

Omland & Osterkorn experts recognize that many complications or issues affect site planning and design. That’s why our engineers develop innovative, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to bring a construction project into existence successfully.

Array of Services

Our engineers use the latest computer technology and software programs to meet our clients’ specific needs. Our company prides itself in delivering quality plans, designs, and specifications promptly and within our client’s budget. Omland & Osterkorn has qualified engineers who work as a team to provide:

·        Conceptual plans

·        Land development plans

·        Feasibility studies

·        Record plans

·        Site evaluation

·        Topographic surveys

·        Grading and utility design

·        Stormwater management

·        Erosion control

·        Drainage studies and design

·        Specifications

·        Maintenance of traffic plans

·        Wastewater or septic system design

·        Construction layout

·        Pool grading plans

Reliable and Affordable Site Planning Services

Omland & Osterkorn follows a unique approach to understand our clients’ goals. Our company structures our practice to prioritize common objectives to manage risks, increase certainty, and avoid surprises of site plan engineering.

Our engineers assist our clients using high-quality tools and resources to confirm feasibility, classify infrastructure requirements, engage regulatory organizations, and establish development principles. These are core aspects of the early stages of the project.

During the subsequent stages, our engineers align their work to support all processes involved in the planning, leading to the preparation and approval of designs and specifications required for the project’s implementation.

Omland & Osterkorn takes pride in the quality of its engineers’ work. We have a track record of meeting deadlines and satisfying our clients. Our skills and experience yield effective and quick approvals with fewer resubmissions, preventing you from undergoing the hustle and bustle of site plans.

Our company aims to quickly get shovels in the ground, with workable and practical solutions that satisfy all requirements in the approval process. The purpose is to streamline our clients’ bottom line. Contact us today! 

For more information about our engineering firm in Bergen County, NJ, speak to one of our engineers at 973-647-7820.

Omland & Osterkorn – Your Trusted engineering firm in Bergen County, NJ.

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