Friday, March 19, 2021

Engineering Services in NJ

Are you looking for engineering services in NJ? Omland & Osterkorn is an engineering firm that provide professional engineering services in NJ for with outstanding skill and great customer care. 

With over 20 years of combined experience, we are a certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE) part of the Bergen BizProfessional Network. We are also members of the (NJSME) New Jersey Society of Municipal engineers.

Our engineering firm offers various services that range from site plans and property surveys to pool grading plans. For your residential and commercial engineering services, Omland and Ostekon has pocket-friendly rates. Delivery is always met; we get the job done on time and without missing details.

Through providing our clients with devotion to improved quality engineering services in Bergen, NJ, we get to prove our skill in customer care. Our standards will advocate for us during the approval process at the municipal, county, and state levels.

Our firm supports saving the environment and implements measures that ensure our carbon footprint is reduced. Our practices and technologies have to meet criteria that will enable the reduction of negative environmental impact.

The Omland and Ostekon engineers take great pride in their updated, latest engineering technologies. Advanced computers are used in our operations like;

AutoCAD Civil 3D Services

Before a building is raised from the ground, engineers have to plan and test its flexibility through computer rendering. Civil 3D services use software to bring life to engineering design and drawing. Our AutoCAD 3D services can prove a full demonstration of an intended building. These services include;

·         Aerial renderings

·         Rendering exhibits CAD designs

·         Redline markups

·         3D site modeling


Site Survey services.

Before building plans start, a general overview of the project is done to ensure that everything is up to code. This can be done through services like;

·         Topographic surveys

·         Boundary surveys

·         ALTA/ACSM Title survey

·         Existing condition survey

·         Construction stakeout surveys


Engineering design services

This is our essential service to our clients. We make sure that the building, regardless of size or purpose, can withstand the test of time. From concept to ground construction, we have complete dedication to providing services that aim to bring your vision of the structure to life.

Our engineering services entail the following;

·         Lighting design

·         Water system design

·         Landscape design

·         Stormwater management design

·          Due diligence studies

·         Site analysis

·         Sanitary sewer design

·         Septic design

·         Earthwork analysis

For more information on our engineering services in NJ, please contact our engineering firms office at 973-647-7820.

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