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Engineers in Northern NJ

Omland & Osterkorn are certified Engineers in northern NJ with more than two decades of combined experience. 

Engineers in Northern NJ

In the global world today, engineers are much needed for almost all sectors. In Northern New Jersey, engineers perform a wide range of task to foster the growth of both public and private sector. But of all engineers the civil engineers are in high demand. Why? Keep reading.

Services our civil engineers render

A civil engineer can either consult or work as a contractor. As a consulting engineer, they design projects and work from the comfort of their offices. On the other hand, contracting engineers take the drawn up plans and implement them. They enjoy working on sites while supervising and managing the designed structure.

Civil engineers take charge of setting the goals for a project as well as picking out the materials and labor need for construction. Although their job is to create a long-term plan for completed buildings, they also keep track of the daily development and progress of a project. Like wise, they consider environmental hazards that could happen on project site before embarking on construction.

Moreover, infrastructural repairs are also a technical know-how of a civil engineer. But most of all, the job of this engineer is to create innovative solutions to infrastructural problems, improve the building, and protect us people from any health hazards. The job of a civil engineer includes site survey, irrigation system, flood analysis, pool grading plans, water management and many others. However, these jobs are only accomplished with the right skills.

Technical skills of our engineers in Northern NJ

Since civil engineering covers both contracting and consultancy, skills may vary as not every engineer performs both functions. For some, choosing one would area of interest to meet customers need is priority. However some common skills include:

·         Ability to provide solutions to complete infrastructural problems.

·         Decision making skills.

·         Undertaking technical site surveys

·         Developing detailed and customized designs with the aid of various softwares

·         Carrying out complex calculations for acute designs

·         Customer communication skills

·         Supervising detailed projects

·         Managing resources and budget for project

·         Scheduling purchase of construction materials and deliveries.

·         Safety compliance ability

·         Assessing environmental and sustainability effects on the environment at large

·         Time management

Who do  we work with?

As an engineering firm, engineers will most likely work with government bodies and local authorities, rail companies, private bodies for residential and commercial buildings.

Keep safe with professional engineers

Whether you own a residential or commercial building in Northern NJ, or need engineers for consultation and contracting services, Inland and Osterkorn Services is sure to meet your needs. With an expert and skilled engineering team at Inland and Osterkorn, projects gets completed within a short time frame. For a quick fix, consultancy or contracting need, visit to get that dream building you desire.

For more information on the engineering services we provide in New Jersey, please contact our office at 973-647-7820.

Omland & Osterkorn – Your Trusted Engineers in northern NJ.

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